Vaseline - not just for your lips


I use vaseline religiously, I put it on my lips every time I get out of the shower, but thats not all I use it for.
Before bed I scoop up a generous amount of vaseline rub it between my fingers and apply it to my eyebrows and coat my bottom and top eyelashes. Sometimes for an easier application I coat a spoolie brush with vaseline and brush it on to them. Vaseline works as a great conditioner for the eyelashes as well as the eyebrows, and will help encourage stronger growth as well as protection. Even if your not wearing makeup one day doing this does not make them look greasy if you apply a decent amount, you'll have a fresh natural look with glossy lashes. Personally I think eyelashes and eyebrows are the most important features to your face so why not take care of them? 

Quick Tip - cracked feet? apply vaseline to your feet, put on socks and sleep, wake up with soft moisturized feet!