How could you not feel like Superwoman in these things? Arm cuffs are the ultimate statement jewelry piece, the bigger the better.

Sometimes I don't like wearing a lot of bracelets on one arm because I feel almost lopsided and uneven (does anyone else ever feel like that? weird, I know). These are so bold and flashy but the symmetry it gives to your look especially paired with your top is amazing and flattering. My cuffs are from ASOS and were a reasonable price for a pack of two. Before finding these I was desperately searching for a decently priced pair but I couldn't find any, they were priced way to high in my opinion. The only downside is how scratched up they get but to be honest don't look too close and you can't tell ;) Some other cuff options I'm obsessed with are ear cuffs, I have one that looks exactly the same as my arm cuffs, and I got it from Etsy. There's also the hair cuff for your ponytail which you can find at places like H&M, Etsy and ASOS, they look so sophisticated and put together in your hair. Another version of the cuff is for your ankles. Yes, your ankles. So unexpected but so flattering and cute depending on how you style them. Dainty black heels look stunning with that option, it's gives kind of a flirty sexy edgy feel to your feet. 

Do you rock cuffs?