Yet another product post, I'm such a consumer and it's a huge problem for my wallet and bank account. Get ready for a long post!

In no particular order I have the 
Bumble and Bumble Texture creme, let me just say this is one of the most confusing hair products I've owned and you really need to play with it. The directions say to work through damp hair but I'm a rebel and I use it in dry hair, I found that no matter what I did in damp hair my hair just looked off. I'll use the creme on my 95% dry hair, It adds SO much volume, style and texture (duh) to my boring locks. Benefit Erase Paste, I've been loyal to this concealer for a little over three years now and I just recently fell in love again. It's SO creamy and buildable, which is perfect for my prominent dark under eyes. I recommend priming before hand to prevent creasing! Laura Mercier hands down has the best face makeup products, I use the tinted moisturizer and silk creme foundation as well. Her mineral powder has made its way up to my favorites, I bought it on a whim a while ago and have been having an on and off love affair, right now its on. It gives medium coverage and a luminous natural finish that lasts. Twistbands, they add a 'twist' to your look (go figure). They look so cute on your wrist and they don't even crease your hair if it's up in a pony! You can find these any color or print everywhere! (Sephora, Target, Etsy, Brandy Melville, Kitson, Francescas, etc). If you know me, you know i'm all about the lip products and Rose Salve has made its way into my life. I just bought it at my new job and I am constantly slathering it on. I wasn't wearing any lotions or perfumes one day and someone told me I smelt good, I realized rose salve was the only scent on my body and it gained 500 points in my book. Last but not least is PINK fresh and clean body lotion, I can't get enough. I usually hate lotion but this is the only one I will wear, it sinks into your skin so fast and the scent literally lasts all day, ALL DAY. My favorite scents are "clean" scents so this lotion has me written all over it. 

Do you like any of these products?