Whether you're using the term oxblood or burgundy, it's still the same thing, and coming out as a huge trend. In the fall and winter you can catch me wearing 50% black 99% of the days, so I'm looking forward to branching out a little bit more. You can find practically anything that goes on your body in this oxblood color. What's great about it is that it adds a pop of red to your outfit without being too bold because it's muted out with brown tones which makes it perfect for the cold, dark months.

One of my favorite ways I've seen this color being worn is on Kylie Jenner (Pictured Above). My opinion might be a bit biased because anything that Kylie or Kendall wears I automatically like, but nevertheless it's still my favorite way. Kylie's leather pants from Parker are insane, and surprisingly not as expensive as I assumed they would be.
Cheaper version of Kylie's pants: H&M

Styling Oxblood:
1. River Island 2. All Saints 3. Topshop 4. Rimmel 5. Acne 6. Target

What is your favorite way to wear this trend?