The ropes of online shopping


I am constantly online looking at online stores, filling my basket up with the harsh reality I probably won't get half of this..or any at all. Heres the basics of online shopping I go by..

Whenever I shop I always make sure I get free shipping if it's possible. Most stores have a 'spend X amount and get free shipping!' A lot of the sites I shop at provide free shipping over $50 which I think is pretty reasonable. Next I spend forever looking up promo codes on google, your chances of finding one that works varies. Although it can be annoying I subscribe to the sites e-mails, you will get codes and specials for that site that you might not if you never had subscribed to them. The most important is SALES! A lot of what I buy is on sale, you will be amazed with what you'll find. Just last night I ordered a pair of Tory Burch shoes originally $295 for $92. Still really expensive but I figured I'd never get a deal like that on those shoes again. That just goes to show if there is something you love but your not sure you want to splurge, just wait for it to go on sale, or use the special offers that site might give time to time. I rarely spurge like crazy on anything (besides the shoes), I am geared towards the moderately priced items and buy things periodically not all at once. Then again, I'm only 18 and I'm on a beer budget. Another thing people might not do is read the fine print on what you're buying, and know the exchange and return policy. Always shop online with your guard up, there are people who scam on the internet which leads you into a big mess. Shop with sites you trust and stray from the 'sketchy' looking sites. Happy shopping!

My favorite sites - 

any similar sites you like that I didn't mention? Tell me!