Cold Shower?


To me showers are the most refreshing thing....ever, to make them even more refreshing I turn the water ice cold towards the end. After being under the hot steamy water for too long I almost feel worn out, the second I turn it ice cold I'm immediately awake and refreshed. So we know why I think cold showers are good, but why else are they good? 

Hair - Cold water not only feels awesome on your hair, but while your washing your hair make sure the waters cold to close the cuticle for stronger, shinier hair. Thus helping less dirt accumulate within your scalp, and cold water will also help with hair loss. 

Skin - Firstly Hot water dries out the skin. After washing your face and opening your pores with hot water, always finish off with cold water to close your pores to keep dirt and oil out to lessen clogged pores and breakouts. Cold water makes blood vessels constrict which reduces swelling and look of dark circles under the eyes. 

Body - Cold showers will strengthen your immunity, improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, detoxifies your body, alleviates depression, aids sleep, regulates temperature. 

other great benefits -