leather everything


I'm thrilled it's now August, because we're one step closer to colder weather. I'm tired of shorts, sweating, and summer! I absolutely love leather clothing (fake obviously), but to me I think it's one of the hardest things to shop for. Most of the time when I see something I love it either looks too cheap or is too expensive, but that's no surprise. Lately i've seen leather pants in H&M and Forever21 but it's hard to find a decent looking pair that doesn't look so cheap as I said. Finding a pair of leather boots is much easier and way more justifiable to splurge on because I wear black leather boots almost every day in the fall/winter. Even if your not too keen on leather especially in your shirts #6 is great because it has a tiny bit of leather detailing on the collar. 

the items - 

1. Yves Saint Laurent 2. ACNE  3. Alexander McQueen (Similar Pair4. BALMAIN 
5. Alexander Wang 6. Tibi 7. Steve Madden 8. THE ROW 9. VILA 
10. Theory 11. Tibi 12. Givenchy