Palazzo and Harem?


There's one thing for sure, you either love them or hate them there is no 'eh' with these.  Probably the most controversial pant is the Harem pant which are numbers 4,& 6. Some girls love them, some think they're completely unflattering, or as my mom says they're MC Hammer pants. Very baggy up top but tapered at the bottom and look best with any type of shoe although I don't recommend boots. Ankle booties are fine but anything above the ankle will make you look like your legs have no shape at all. Next is the Palazzo pant (my favorite) which are numbers 1, 2 & 3. They're a loose, wide legged pant that are kind of 70's inspired. Not to be confused with gauchos (gauchos should be illegal).

1. Rag & Bone 2. Jaeger 3. Semi Couture 4. Romwe 5. East 6. Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Do you rock these pants?