the thicker the better


Brows 101 for all of those who want to achieve the bold, thick brow look who seem to be lacking in that area. As a kid I had a unibrow and when I started to notice it and get self conscious my mom always warned me to NEVER tweeze, so she took me to get them waxed. The lady that waxed them was always great and created a defined shape to them that has stayed ever sense. After a few years it just got too expensive and I felt I had mastered the skill so I quit going..and started tweezing. Don't worry I don't ever go crazy because it's all about moderation. Sometimes people get caught up in doing it the next thing they know their brows are as thin as paper which happened to my mom. I never touch the shape of my eyebrows, the only thing I tweeze is the useless hairs around them that just look gross. Many stars now are notoriously known for their thick brows like Cara Delevingne (pictured above), Brook Shields, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, and Lilly Collins so don't be afraid!
If you're trying to achieve thicker looking brows here are the things you are going to want to try. You don't have to use all of these products at once, you can mix and match with what works best for you. If you're looking for a good brand specialized in eyebrows I reccomend Anastasia from personal experience. Number 1ELF eyebrow kit (comes with a powder and wax, use the brush provided to fill in sparse parts of the brow) 2. Benefit high brow (use this under the arch of your eyebrow to highlight and make the arch appear higher) 3NYX eyebrow shaper (pencil this wax onto the eyebrow after filling in or on its on to keep its shape all day) 4Tweezerman tweezers (you already know what these are for but don't get too crazy) 5ELF eyebrow stencils (these will be a lifesaver if you want to create a shape to your brows but don't know how or where to start without messing up) 6Benefit instant brow pencil (quick way to fill in and brush out your eyebrows) 7Laura Mercier eyebrow gel (a quick and easy way to brush and set eyebrows all day, these types of gels also come tinted so you can color, brush, and set eyebrows all in one step which is the quickest and easiest way!) Hope this helps!